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Slow Release vs. Quick Release Fertilizer.

         Fertilizers can be confusing sometimes, especially when it comes to the type to use. Many varieties exist, and if you’re just getting into turf maintenance, then by now you’ve probably heard of slow release fertilizers and quick release fertilizers. In truth, neither one is “better” than the other because it all depends on the condition of your lawn. In fact, the nutrients in both types of fertilizers are the same. The question is, “which fertilizer is better for my turf now?”

         Ideally of course you will want a well established and well nourished lawn. If this is the case with your lawn, your best bet is typically a slow-release fertilizer because it encourages even growth and lasts up to two months longer than quicker release fertilizers. In short, your grass’s root system continues to be fed over a longer period of time; it doesn’t need a fast burst of nutrition since it has been healthy and well fed up to the point of the next application. Additionally, already having strong turf combined with a slow release fertilizer greatly reduces the chances of your lawn developing disease, and the green up will last longer as well. Keep in mind, however, that the green up may take longer.

         Alternatively, if your lawn is new or if you have only recently begun taking care of it, a quick release fertilizer may be your best bet because it needs nutrients now. Think about it like this:  If you’re starving, you need food soon, and if you’re not, you can wait and enjoy your meal. A quick boost will help stimulate growth and, depending on the situation, help your turf grow out of a disease (keep an eye out soon for an entry on fungicide when it comes to the topic of disease). On the flip side, if you’re going to use a quick release fertilizer, keep in mind that it is much easier to burn your lawn if you apply too much of it. And while the green up is more immediate if applied properly, it also peaks early and will last only half the time as a slow release fertilizer will. Continual usage of quick release fertilizer will also make your yard more susceptible to disease.

         In the end, each lawn is different and has its own needs, and sometimes it can be difficult or confusing to know exactly what your lawn needs . A lawn care professional can spend the time needed to evaluate your lawn and give it the nutrition it needs so that it remains healthy and green until the winter months arrive. Lightning Landscape and Irrigation is always happy to assist you in this. Call today at 913-441-3900 and have a licensed chemical applicator from Lightning to give your lawn the care and attention it deserves.