Spring Seasonal Colors for Your Landscape

Now that Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to get your landscape beds looking their best. No one plant will produce blooms all year round, so you should diversify your beds, so you have consistent blooms from Spring through Fall.

Many people overlook spring color, but there are so many dazzling options available it is a shame to miss out on what these plants have to offer!

Here are a few options we have available. It can be overwhelming trying to find out if a particular plant will work in the area you want to plant it, so why not call us, the experts, to find out how we can improve your landscaping and bring out its full potential?

Raspberry Splash lungwort

With its lush, silver-spotted foliage and raspberry-coral blooms, this groundcover is a perfect complement to shrubs and along pathways.

Bloom-A-Thon Azalea

An Azalea that blooms time and time again, with ruffled edges. The evergreen foliage will provide outstanding color year long. Crisp blooms that come in a variety of colors appear in midspring and are followed by an encore display in midsummer.

Chocolate Chip Ajuga

The foliage is rich, chocolate brown, with dark green undertones. The lacey blue flowers appear over the foliage in spring. It looks great in containers, as a ground cover or between stepping stones. It is a perennial herbaceous plant.

Snowball Viburnum

Stunning display of pure white, snowball-like flower clusters is complemented by glossy, bright green leaves with a crimson fall color. A spectacular landscape specimen.


There are many species of dogwood, so they can be either flowering shrubs or woody trees. These plants are known for their year-round appeal, including spring blooms, summer berries, and fall color. Some of them have even colorful stems that make them appealing in winter. You’ll have no problem choosing one suited to your purpose.

Ivory Silk Lilac

Spring through summer, these creamy-white blooms have an enchanting scent. An attractive reddish-brown branching shrub or small tree with lush green leaves on a rounded crown. Excellent as an accent plant or a background plant. 

Prairie Fire Crabapple

Exceptional flowering tree with an upright form that becomes rounded with age. Reddish new foliage matures to a dark green color. Lovely deep pink spring flowers bear persistent, small, dark red-purple fruits. A colorful addition to small landscapes.


The perfect addition to any spring bouquet. Use for perennial or shrub borders, or as a background plant for spring bulbs.