Searching for irrigation systems in Kansas City? An irrigation or sprinkler system will keep your precious lawn and landscaped areas beautiful and healthy. We are experts at designing, installing, and maintaining sprinkler systems.

Why Purchase a Sprinkler System?

There are three good reasons to invest in a sprinkler system:

  • You save time; the system will do all the watering for you. An automatic system does not forget and can be programmed to meet your needs.
  • You save water; an automatic sprinkler system uses less water than doing it by hand. Properly installed sprinklers cover the correct area without waste.
  • You save money; your water bills could be lower and your plants will be healthier and live longer.

Design & Irrigation Installation

irrigation systems kansas cityWe design and spec all of our own systems in-house rather than sub-contracting to a local supply house. This ensures the most accurate, efficient coverage and expandability. We have over 20 year’s experience in this region to best help with your irrigating needs.

As one of the highest rated sprinkler system companies in Kansas City, Lightning Landscape only uses only the best available components, proven over years of reliable service in the harsh Midwest environment. We don’t install only one brand of parts. Lightning picks what we feel are the most reliable, not the most inexpensive products when designing a sprinkler system. We stand behind our work offering a full two-year warranty on new installations.

Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repairs

rainbird installers kansas cityProper maintenance is an essential part of your irrigation investment. We offer monthly maintenance checks and seasonal maintenance on all brands. Our irrigation team is trained to repair and update existing systems to meet your changing needs.

Our services Kansas City sprinkler system services include:

  • Reprogramming : adjustment of watering schedules for most benefit with the least amount of water used.
  • Seasonal Start-up : full system check and adjustment including heads and controller.
  • Winterizing : a crucial task in preventing costly damages to the system during cold winter months.

Backflow Prevention

kansas city lawn sprinkler systemsBackflow preventers are an important requirement in all irrigation systems that are connected to the domestic water supply. These devices prevent the flow of irrigation water back into the potable water system. Our team is fully certified to:

  • Install new backflow preventers
  • Test for proper operation
  • Repair existing installations

Lake Pumps & Dock Irrigation

kansas city lake pump installationLightning installs and services pump systems for pressure-boosting and lake/dock irrigation supply.

We only use the best American-made pumps, not hardware or box-store pumps from overseas. This ensures reliable operation and long life.