Get the Weeds Before They Get You

Every homeowner is concerned about their lawn.  With winter winding down and spring upon us, it’s time to get going and start the season off right by making your lawn look as great as possible. The biggest obstacle for most of us is weeds and how to stop them.  There are many types of weeds here in the Kansas City area that begin or continue to populate our lawns in the spring and into summer, including dandelion, plantain, henbit, spurge, and clover, among others.  These are broadleaf weeds, but pesky grassy weeds like crabgrass and goosegrass require special attention because although they can be controlled, it’s usually much harder to do so once they mature, and once they do, it’s more of a battle to remove them and often more damage has been done to your turf after letting them mature than if they were proactively controlled.

At this point you may be asking how it’s possible to do that, especially if you can’t even see the weeds yet in many circumstances. This is where Lightning comes in. Our full lawn care service can protect your turf by putting down a pre-emergent chemical that helps prevent these weeds from maturing.  Instead of spot treating weed after weed in your yard in the hot and humid summer, give yourself a break by allowing us to take care of these weeds before they become a problem.  In most cases we put down pre-emergent weed killer in granular form combined with our spring fertilizer, which not only gets to the weeds before they sprout but also nourishes your lawn at the same time.  This is critical because a nourished, healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds. In severe cases we can blanket spray your lawn at no additional cost, as well as provide the fertilizer needed. 

Additionally, it’s imperative to mow your grass at healthy height.  Most lawns in the Kansas City area are fescue grass lawns.  Fescue is a hardy grass and therefore strong, but it needs to be mowed at the correct height, between 3 – 3.5 inches.  Many homeowners who mow their own lawn tend to mow lower, with good intentions, because they believe it means fewer cuts throughout the growing season.  Unfortunately, this method does more harm that good because lower cut grass means more sunlight and nutrients find their way to the weeds instead of it going to the grass itself, and then the root systems of both the weeds and grass are in direct competition for nourishment.  Instead, keep your grass mowed at the optimum height to prevent more weeds from invading and weakening your lawn. You will still cut your grass just as much and your lawn will be even healthier.

Don’t let weeds take away your time and energy.  Call Lightning today at 913-441-3900 and let us keep your lawn healthy, full, green, and weed free.